Why do you need to do Mattress Cleaning

Your home isn’t clean until you clean your mattresses. A mattress is one of the most significant elements in our bedrooms or living rooms. Bacteria and other hazardous pathogens have been found in mattresses and sheets. Many people wash their linens, but it’s equally crucial to clean their mattresses. Cleaning a mattress can be a complex process, especially if you plan to do it on your own. Professional mattress cleaners can efficiently eliminate bacteria and foul odours. First, let us break down the techniques that these professionals use to clean your mattresses.


Sweat, dust mites, and dead skin cells will cause a dirty mattress to smell. Professional mattress cleaners will deodorize and clean your mattress.

Dry Cleaning

Your mattress is deep cleaned by professionals using a chemical-free dry cleaning process. This method thoroughly cleans your mattress. No chemicals are used, so your mattress will smell great.


To properly clean your mattress, it is vacuumed first. Then thoroughly vacuum your mattress using a clean upholstery attachment.

If you think of cleaning the mattresses yourself, let us give you a quick guide here.

  • Before washing your mattress, always remove the cover and any other items that have been placed on top of it. Similarly, divide your linens and fabrics into two categories: white and colorful. Check for color bleeding, and if there isn’t any, set your washer to the hottest water and fastest dry settings.
  • Vacuum your mattress regularly to remove any hair, dust, or first-layer dirt accumulated on top. This will make your washing load will be lighter.
  • Stains on your mattress are unavoidable and can be caused by spilt drinks, blood, etc. We usually recommend spot cleaning for this, regardless of the reason or type of stain. You may then apply lemon juice and salt to spot stains, making it easier to machine or hand wash.

If you haven’t had your mattress cleaned, it’s undoubtedly one of your filthiest possessions. Itching and allergic reactions can disrupt sleep habits. At the same time, cleaning your mattress is a great way to extend its life. Let us dive into the most vital facts now. Why should you keep your mattresses clean?


Why You Should Care About mattress cleaning?

Removal of Dust while do mattress cleaning

Removing dust can be difficult, depending on your home’s location. Dust can accumulate on some household goods, including mattresses. Hence, regular cleaning becomes necessary. Pollen and pet dander are also removed by frequently cleaning your mattress. You can buy dust removal tools from the market.

Improving your home’s ambience

The ambience of a house is essential. When your mattresses are clean, your bedroom will be lovely. It will automatically clean your bed cover and make it look nice. This will help you sleep better and longer. A good night’s sleep improves general health. 

Eliminate dust mites and bugs

Dust mites and bugs are growing on mattresses, posing health risks. Cleaning your mattress regularly is one clever technique to get rid of these bugs. To do it properly, use a vacuum cleaner. A home free of insects is always a factor to rejoice.

Improved air quality

A soiled mattress contributes significantly to contaminated indoor air. It’s simple to see how it may pollute the air with all the sweat, dust, and dead skin on your mattress. The room starts to smell bad, and you inhale whatever is on your filthy bed. Arguably the most significant advantage of getting your mattress cleaned is improved indoor air quality. It tends a dirty mattress and combats odors.

Increasing the lifespan of your mattress

Cleaning your mattress regularly will help it last longer. Doing so will thoroughly reduce wear and tear on the linings and the cover. Damaged mattress casings expose the pad and inner springs, causing accelerated wear and tear. Hence we advise you to prevent this by cleaning your mattress. Mattresses are not cheap. A bed costs between $800 and $2500 on average. If you don’t take care of your mattress, it has a 5-7 year lifespan. Cleaning your mattress using natural methods can extend its life to 8-12 decades.

Prevent you and your family from allergies

Dust and pollen are allergens. Dust allergies and respiratory problems are common among children and the elderly. They might also cause sneezing, eye and throat discomfort, respiratory congestion, and watery eyes. Cleaning up dust can help avoid these issues. Remember that you spend more than eight hours on your mattress. So cleanliness is vital.

Let us tell you why it would be wise to get your mattresses cleaned by professionals. Below are some of the significant benefits of hiring a professional cleaning service company like Clean and Care, the numerous Uno when it comes to mattresses cleaning services Singapore, to clean your mattresses.


The most crucial reason to have your mattress professionally cleaned is hygiene. When we are sleeping on our mattresses, we lose fluid and skin. Moisture-proof protectors help reduce the quantity of fluid and skin scales left in your mattress. The combination of human fluids, dead skin cells, and heat can make your bed a germ-friendly refuge. A professional mattress cleaning can ensure a clean and dust mite-free sleeping area. Here is a tip for you. We strongly advise you to use a mattress protector.

Elimination of dust mites

As told above, it is commonly known that any mattress, regardless of age, can be infested with the everyday dust mite. The number of dust mites in a mattress can vary. A mattress over five years old can have a high number of dust mites. Also, many people are allergic to the protein found in dust mite faces. If your breathing is labored before falling asleep and sneezing and stinging eyes keep you awake, you are most likely allergic to dust mites. 

A professional mattress cleaner’s extraction and dust mite sanitization treatment is the most straightforward approach to eliminate the problem. When sanitizing a mattress, a qualified professional will only use heap filtration. Rather than collecting and removing dust mites and their waste, Household vacuums can quickly expand the problem. A professional mattress cleaner will also carry and use a quality dust mite sanitizer. It will prevent dust mite reinfestation for up to six months.

Stain Removal

While most mattresses are covered with covering, stains are still a severe issue for many. Although you can clean the mattresses yourself to a certain extent, only a trained professional should be trusted when it comes to mattress stains. It is the human instinct to try and remove a stain before consulting a professional, but the ultimate effect is usually considerably worse.

Here, the incorrect cleaning methods irreversibly destroy mattresses, which may even lead to warranty cancellation. Prompt expert mattress cleaning protects your guarantee and mattress integrity.

Important points about Mattress Cleaning

If you have a mattress accident, timing is crucial when removing it.  Did you know that almost every stain may be removed appropriately with the proper technique? The possibility of a stain getting removed increases if the issue is addressed quickly. If you cannot immediately hire a mattress cleaning professional, there are a few simple steps you can do to ensure a satisfactory outcome.

Bloodstains are tough to be removed from a mattress, especially over time. If blood gets on your mattress, you can dab it with warm salt water with a white towel. Always wipe the stained blood area from outside in. The method for other bodily fluids varies. Here you can soak up as much as you can using white absorbent toweling. After mopping up the afflicted area, sprinkle it with bicarbonate of soda. After an hour, vacuum the bicarbonate of soda up and reapply. After eight hours, vacuum again. Repeat this technique until you hire a professional mattress cleaner.

A clean mattress improves both your sleep and the air you breathe. Get your mattress professionally washed for a thorough clean. It will be like night and day, and you will be able to sleep better! Most of us ignore or ignore anything in our mattress when we remove our sheets and put them in the washer. If you want your bedding to last long, you should clean your mattresses at least once a week to reduce the amount of sweat, oil, and fluids that enter them. It is recommended to clean your mattresses twice a year at least. 

If you search for top mattress cleaning services in Singapore, reach Clean and Care out. 

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