Mattress Queen Size Cleaning (Deep clean / Dust mites + Stain removal / Wash)


  • Deep cleaning of Dust mites, Dirt, Debris, Sand etc
  • Steam Sanitization and Disinfection with 190 Degree Dry Steam Technology (100% Chemical Free)
  • Suitable for Allergies + Sanitization for Bacteria, Viruses, Odor + Mild Stains removal
  • Down time 5-15minutes
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  • Deep cleaning of Dust mites, Debris, Dust, Sand etc (Dry Process)
  • Stain removal / Wash with Hot Water + Organic formula. (Wet Process)
  • Baby-safe, Pet-safe, Environmental Friendly
  • Suitable for Allergies + Stains like Urine, Mold, Food & Drink Stains, Blood, Sweat, etc + Sanitization/Disinfection