Armchair Sofa Cleaning (Dust Mites Removal / Deep Clean + Stain Removal or Wash)


  • Removal / Deep Clean of Dust Mites, Dust, Debris, Dirt ,Sand etc
  • Sanitization / Disinfection with up-to 190 degrees Hot Dry Steam Technology
  • 100% Chemical free / Safe for babies, Pets, and Environmental Friendly. Downtime 5-10 Mins
  • Suitable for people with Allergies + Disinfection for bacteria, viruses, Odor and Mild Stains Removal


  • Removal of Dust mites / Deep clean, Dust, Dirt, Sand, Debris etc. ( Dry Process)
  • Stain Removing + Washing with Hot Water  and Organic Formula ( Wet Process)
  • 100% Chemical Free + Safe for Babies, Pets and Environmental Friendly
  • Suitable for those with Allergies + Removal of Stains like Water Marks, Food + Drinks Stains, Mold, Sweat, etc
  • Down time between 30minutes – 90minutes